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If you are a professional photographer or production company, Pixel Studios can cater for all your photography and studio hire needs with onsite equipment, photographers, assistants and stylists at your disposal.

Our Silverwater studios are amongst the largest in Sydney, and are located in its central cross-roads, taking away the logistical headache of small inner city confines by offering both large dock areas with secured loading bays, and ample storage space.

The studio:

Studio space

Pixel Studios offer a wide range of photography sets to meet any production requirement. Our flexible sets can can be adjusted to fit large scale photography , video or TVC projects, or reduced in size to accommodate small product photography when the space isn't required. Pixel Studio's is the perfect partner for any production company that is looking for state-of-the-art studio facilities, quality equipment and a location this is easily accessible for both clients and product deliveries.


Pixel Studio utilise only the latest in digital capture technology. Our commitment to quality photography campaigns and projects means that we only use the best. From the latest in digital Canon technology, through to our ability to shoot with HMI lighting and state of the art Broncolor flash equipment, our commitment to quality in photography production is second to none.


For items that are being stored at Pixel Studios and are being used in up and coming photography projects, Dexion racking looks after the sorting and storing of all items prior to shooting. This racking process ensures that all items delivered are maintained to the highest standard and properly preserved prior to being used in production. To secure all onsite items, Pixel Studios maintains a back to base security system that includes 24 hour monitoring and security cameras.


Our loading docks offer a wide delivery berth for a range of vehicles to deliver goods in a seamless fashion with the area being serviced by a store person and electric forklift. This logistics area ensures that minimal time is spent unloading and loading vehicles and more time is allocated to the photography production process and quality assurance.


The team at Pixel Studios believe in delivering first class quality outcomes to every project. Our onsite staff include specialist photographers and assistants in the areas of fashion, advertising, product and lifestyle. To ensure every project is shot to an award winning standard, our in-house stylist works to provide the structure and detail to every project, while our in-house set builders create your custom environment from the ground up. The handling of large scale product is also made easier by our logistics management staff that track and trace all products and project elements that travel through the studio to ensure nothing is ever missed. For production companies looking to use Pixel Studios for your next campaign or project, our staff are available to work in within your existing team or fill-in for key critical roles in the production process.